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Meet the Founders...

David L. Levy is a nationally known advocate for children.  He has successfully helped bring joint custody to various states during the 24 years he headed the Children's Rights Council (1985-2009).  Mr. Levy has testified more than 20 times before Congressional committees about the needs of children of divorce.  He was named one of the 25 most influential people in the lives of children by Children's Health Magazine in Fall 2009.  He is a known advocate for children of divorced, separated or never-married parents.

David L. Levy, J.D.

"In Memory of"

November 7th, 1936 - December 11th, 2014

David W. Smith Sr. is an active father and parent plus an advocate and community leader.

Mr. Smith works within the Prince George's County Public School System.  Besides working with children, Mr. Smith works with parents to support parental involvement and engagement plus works with the fatherhood leadership team to support fathers and male involvement and engagement as well.


As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Children's Rights Fund; Mr. Smith advocates for children's rights, parental rights, shared parenting & co-parenting and healthy family relationships. Mr. Smith assist and works with children and families who are going through divorce and separation to help children and parents maintain an ongoing relationship with each other after divorce and separation.


Mr. Smith also works tirelessly in the Maryland Legislature and around the State of Maryland to help bring about reform that's supportive to children and families.


Mr. Smith is also the Vice President of the 100 Fathers, Inc. which he advocates and educates on the importance of fatherhood and male involvement in the home, schools, community, etc.


Mr. Smith is all about civil and social justice, equality and change. Mr. Smith is about bettering the lives of children and families plus strengthening the community.

"Just because two parents can't hold hands or get along, doesn't mean that a child shouldn't be able to hold the hands of both parents equally!" - David W. Smith Sr. 2012

David W. Smith, Sr.

"The Warrior Advocate"


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